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King of Calgary Comedy Kris LaBelle, is a human who could have been a Viking or Gladiator in a former life. This Hippy trapped in a Guido’s body is renowned for his wild personality and zest for spirituality. Kris’s humour is based off keen social observation and educated personal opinion. He’s jacked, confident and in tune with Mother Nature. A perfect mix of man, beast and mama’s boy. Follow Kris today!

You’ve stumbled onto the website of the calgary comedian formally know as the “Bad Boy”. This former MMA analyst has turned his life of chaos into a life of laughter. An actor, artist and producer LaBelle has successfully sold out 85 shows in only 5 years.

He’s been seen on The Score, TSN, Fight Network and Super Channel. He’s also been on the big screen. Calgary Comedian LaBelle is an artist on the rise. With over 25,000 fans this comedian has no problem in the spotlight. He even has his 9 year old son Dominic as his opener.

Kris LaBelle has opened for: 
Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub, Theo Von, Bert Kreischer, Big Jay Oakerson, Godfrey


A popular MMA personality Kris LaBelle spent his last decade hosting major events, rap shows, corporate functions, weddings and even live TV. Don’t waste money on dull. Hire Kris LaBelle and get the attention your company deserves.


Kris LaBelle not only dominates his industry in promotion and marketing but this comedian has a highly developed eye behind the lens. This globally recognized eye for photography has landed the funny man gigs with some of the best shooters in the world.


Advertising / Promoting

Nobody has more hustle than LaBelle. Put Kris to the task and the world will know your brand over night. This natural puts Don King to shame. No comedian has ever promoted themselves quite like Kris. If you need creative ideas and access to a world wide network…contact this 25 year veteran RIGHT NOW!

Spiritual Leading

This is area and lifestyle is highly important to Kris. As a well-known mountain man, LaBelle has helped hundreds of lost souls over the years. This hippy trapped in a guidos body has a reputation for clearing energies, channeling the dead and without a doubt will motivate even the most negative human on earth. Do not doubt Kris’s healing energy for a second.

Event Planning

With over 85 sold out calgary comedy shows and a track record for filling venues there is no one on earth who can plan an event like Kris. Be it a million dollar spectacle or a mom n pop function the event will shine with success! Trust in the experience of this living legend.


The mind of a madman tends to be filled with wonderful ideas and deadly creations. This is no joke when we tell you LaBelle has a knack for design. With over 15 years in entertainment LaBelle has become a guru in the design world. With his best friend Uriel Lubuk at the helm these two are master blasters on the professional design tip.

Highlight Reel

The Photo That Put Us on The MAP

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Contact this unique human today. Make a change in your life, business or attitude. LaBelle is the man to help make that positive change

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